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The quadruple pinball room is a treat for pinball machine lovers! We have collected dozens of pinball screens that now decorate the walls and... beds. We've taken care of the comfort of each guest of this room, because we know that sharing space with three other people is an adventure, but everyone also needs a bit of privacy. This is provided by beds built on three sides with thick curtains. Each bed also has its own lockable cabinet with an outlet – thanks to this you can leave valuable things or a charging laptop without fear for their further fate.

Dormitory rooms at Good Times House in the centre of Katowice are a great idea for a bachelorette or stag party. In addition to comfortable rooms, you also have access to the common room, and in it – a lot of entertainment and a huge, round table, perfect for a party – it can accommodate up to 16 people! In the common areas, you'll find a Capcom Home Arcade console, equipped with all the classics, from Alien Vs. Predator to Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting. If you prefer board games, just grab something from the common room and have a good time! Wanna catch a movie? Reach for the collection of classics on VHS. Entertainment will also be provided by an original, 40-year-old pinball machine!

Showers and toilets are located in the hallway, right next to the room.

Good Times House is a combination of hostel and apartments for rent – we combine low prices and an informal hostel flow with maximum convenience and hotel amenities. If you are looking for a double room in Katowice, 400 meters from the station, 550 meters from the Market Square and a 15-minute walk from party central, Mariacka Street, our PINBALL room is for you! There are plenty of amenities at your disposal – a closed, guarded parking lot, a well-equipped kitchen in the common area, and plenty of old-school attractions, from board games and movies to consoles and pinball machines.

Attractions in the room :

atmospheric light

In addition, in the facility:

  • pinball
  • board games
  • finger pool
  • video game console
  • VHS player
  • common area for relaxing
  • guarded car-park