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This room is a tribute to Keith Haring – a brilliant artist who has become an icon of pop art and street art. He was a rising star in the 80s and a protégé of Andy Warhol, who appreciated his graffiti-inspired art. His work accompanied the work of many other artists – Madonna used it as a setting for music videos and concert tours. He painted his last work in 1989 on the wall of the church of Sant'Antonio Abate in Pisa. "Tuttomondo" is a mural depicting 30 heroes who enjoy freedom in many abstract, fascinating ways. He left behind himself the Keith Haring Foundation, which works for HIV/AIDS awareness, among other things.

A double room at Good Times House will allow you to immerse yourself in the work of Keith Haring, literally – his characteristic motifs cover the entire room, including the ceiling. Guests of this room are reminded (extra firmly!) of the ban on the consumption of illegal narcotic substances on the premises of Good Times House - in the GRAFFITI room, this can be dangerous to mental health

In the room, located on the ground floor, you will find all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay – a TV, equipped kitchen (electric stove, fridge, kettle) and your own bathroom with washing machine. Perfect for acquaintances, co-workers, friends without benefits or quarrelling lovers – you will find two comfortable, single beds in it.  

Good Times House is a combination of hostel and apartments for rent – we combine low prices and an informal hostel flow with maximum convenience and hotel amenities. If you are looking for a double room in Katowice, 400 meters from the station, 550 meters from the Market Square and a 15-minute walk from party central, Mariacka Street, our Keith Haring / GRAFFITI room is for you! There are plenty of amenities at your disposal – a closed, guarded parking lot, a well-equipped kitchen in the common area, and plenty of old-school attractions, from board games and movies to consoles and pinball machines.

Attractions in the room :

washing machine
atmospheric light
graffiti album

In addition, in the facility:

  • pinball
  • board games
  • finger pool
  • video game console
  • VHS player
  • common area for relaxing
  • guarded car-park