Rooms in Katowice

Choose your style and story

Every room at Good Times House has its own style, story and attractions 😎 Choose your own:


Be amazed!

Good Times😄

Feel the 80's vibe!


Black on white!

Good Vibes🤙

Chill dude!

Music Room📼

Feel the vibe of years gone by!


I want my MTV!


Guests on Film!


Like A Prayer!


Play the Game with us!


Let loose with a bunch of nice characters!


Win the eternal battle!


Discover new surroundings!

Accommodation in Katowice

First: a hotel standard at the price of a hostel. Second: a creative, fun-filled, party atmosphere in a space that will inspire your imagination and get you ready for action. And last but not least: all the attractions and entertainment that you've been dreaming of ... since the 80s!

If you love the 1980s as much as we do, you'll love the crazy design and attractions at Good Times House!

Good Times House is a combination of hostel and apartments for rent – we combine low prices and an informal hostel flow with maximum convenience and hotel amenities. If you are looking for a double room in Katowice: 400 meters from the station, 550 meters from the Market Square and a 15-minute walk from party central, Mariacka Street, our Keith Herring / GRAFFITI room is for you! There are plenty of amenities at your disposal – a closed, guarded parking lot, a well-equipped kitchen in the common area, and plenty of old-school attractions, from board games and movies to consoles and pinball machines.