Where can you eat something tasty?

Our kitchen is at your disposal!

If you want to cook a meal yourself, you can do it in the common area. In the vicinity of Good Times House, you can find a lot of grocery stores, and in our kitchen there is plenty of stuff that will help you cook what you want.

You can also go out and get to know the wonderful culinary map of Katowice.

For breakfast and lunch:

Synergia.dobre miejsce (ul. Opolska 18)  
Distance: 260 meters, 3 minutes on foot
The best coffee in town (definitely try the one from the filter coffee maker, no sugar or cream). A rotating breakfast and lunch menu, cosy decor.

Kofeina Mini (ul. 3 Maja 13)
Distance: 300 meters, 4 minutes on foot
Full English breakfast – simply the best ... we've ever had! Affordable prices, an interesting selection on the menu (including lunch), and very good coffee. You can also buy fresh bread or cakes to take away.

AIOLI inspired by Katowice (Rynek 5)
Distance: 650 meters, 8 minutes on foot
It's a chain outlet, but it's stylish. In the breakfast menu you can find pizza, but not only. A good place for vegetarians, who will surely find something for themselves here, although there are also eggs on bacon. Lunches, dinners, cocktails, a party atmosphere and a large bar, all in the heart of Katowice.

Black Woolf (3 Maja 25)
Distance: 100 meters, 1 minute on foot
Black Woolf is a combination of a cafe with an English-language bookstore and a space for cultural events. In addition to quality coffee specialties brewed in a pressure coffee machine or alternative methods (drip, aeropress, chemex), you can buy books in English and read Polish and foreign niche magazines.

Lajkonik Bakery and Café (Stawowa 8)
Distance: 300 meters, 4 minutes on foot
A place fragrant with fresh pastries and aromatic coffee. Every day, they attract guests with their unique atmosphere and traditional taste.

Złoty Osioł Vegetarian Bar (ul. Mariacka 1)
Distance: 1000 meters, 12 minutes on foot
Vegan and vegetarian dishes, prepared just like in your own kitchen with the best ingredients. Złoty Osioł Vegetarian Bar in the very heart of Katowice. Vegetarian dishes inspired by cuisines from all over the world.

Iconic places:

Mad Mick (ul. Warszawska 13)
Distance: 800 meters, 10 minutes on foot
One of the first "new wave" burger joints in the south of Poland. A delicious place that has already gained cult status. Their great, high-quality meat can be switched for a vegetable cutlet.

Żurownia (ul. Ligonia 16)
Distance: 1100 meters, 15 minutes on foot
Kulebele (traditional Silesian meat- or vegetable-stuffed potato dumplings), hajer (Silesian rolled sandwiches on sourdough flatbread) and, of course, the namesake żur (traditional fermented rye-flour soup). This and other variations including meat roulades, jerked beef or pork in tortilla wraps, krupniok (Silesian variety meat sausages), and more. According to the owners: "Streetfood and restaurant dishes reflecting the character of Silesia and the area".

Len Arte (ul. Mariacka 25)
Distance: 1100 meters, 15 minutes on foot
The first real Italian pizzeria in Katowice with a wood-burning oven, Italian chefs and original Italian ingredients, imported personally by the owners.

PATIO restaurant (ul. Stawowa 3)
Distance: 250 meters, 3 minutes on foot
The restaurant continues a family tradition begun almost a century ago, initiated by Leopold, an outstanding culinary specialist, repeatedly awarded with the title of "excellent cook".  The current boss, the daughter of the master, inherited her father's passion and love for cooking, gaining solid knowledge and experience at the source. One of the best restaurants in Katowice. 

Shrimp House (ul. Młyńska 11)
Distance: 500 meters, 6 minutes on foot
A chain of shrimp bars created by three brothers who have been experimenting with various flavours and products in the kitchen of their family home since their youngest years. The world of flavours at "Shrimp House" draws inspiration from a fascination with the sea, which is why shrimp are the basis in all dishes served by the restaurant. The dishes served are distinguished by a creative approach to the cuisine of the world, and combine fun with the flavours and textures of shrimp.

Masala House (ul. Mickiewicza 32)
Distance: 350 meters, 4 minutes on foot
An intimate, family-run Indian restaurant located in the centre of Katowice which invites you to taste the delicacies of aromatic Indian cuisine rich in natural spices. The place was founded in 2012 thanks to the passion for cooking of the owner himself – Ehsan Muttalib.
The dishes are always fresh, wholesome and tasty! They are prepared by qualified chefs from the Asia, which guarantees full satisfaction and a paradise for the palate.
We also recommend this place for lovers of vegetarian and vegan dishes . There is also no shortage of gluten-free dishes!

Oh My Ramen (ul. Pocztowa 10)
Distance: 700 meters, 8 minutes on foot
Little Japan in the centre of Katowice. Atmosphere and positive energy!!  Handmade pasta. On their menu you can find ramen, dumplings, and gyoza. Takeaway and delivery!