What to do in Katowice and the surrounding area?

Katowice is an amazing city where everyone will find something to entertain themselves with.

Thanks to phenomenal public transport and good train and bus connections, you can easily reach attractions in the city and beyond.

Where can you get on foot?

Houdini Games (ul. Opolska 3/7)
Distance: 60 meters, 1 minute walk
Nearby escape room / puzzle room. We suggest this particular address only because of the distance – literally at your fingertips. In Katowice, you can find dozens of escape rooms, in every style that comes to your mind.

Dom Strachów Asylum (ul. 3 Maja 23)
Distance: 160 meters, 2 minutes on foot
A 40-minute session in a house of horror is a great idea not only for a bachelor party or birthday. An extraordinary way to spend your free time, if you really like to be afraid – the actors and décor are sure to scare you. A Katowice version of the London Dungeon!

Cybermagia - VR Entertainment Centre (ul. 3 Stawowa, in the outbuilding)
Distance: 260 meters, 3 minutes on foot
This is the largest VR salon in Silesia, located in the heart of Katowice. The Virtual Reality games room is also equipped with additional accessories for VR entertainment – flight and driving simulators, karaoke, and other interesting attractions.

Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (pl. W. Kilara 1)
Distance: 1100 meters, 15 minutes on foot
Check the current program on their website. A monumental building, world-class stars, music, and acoustics at the highest level. This is what Kraków is jealous of in Katowice.

The Spodek and the International Congress Centre (al. Korfantego 35)
Distance: 1100 meters, 15 minutes on foot
Concerts, trade fairs in stylish halls. In Katowice, once they do something, it must always be stylish.

The Silesian Museum (ul. Dobrowolskiego 1)
Distance: 1800 meters, 22 minutes on foot
Here you can discover Silesia as it should be explored, i.e. in an old mine converted into the largest museum of Silesian culture and history.

Flyspot - Katowice Indoor Skydiving (ul. Chorzowska 100)
Distance: 1400 meters, 18 minutes on foot
A place where you can convince yourself that flying is possible! This is a wind tunnel, thanks to which you can experience the state of weightlessness and feel like a bird.

Kościuszko Park (ul. Kościuszki)
Distance: 2000 meters, 26 minutes on foot
The origins of this park date back to 1888, when an area of 6 ha of suburban forest was developed, creating the nucleus of the park. In the years 1894-1895, the Süd Park (South Park) began to be created, thus enlarging its area.

And a little further

Distance: about 5.5 km, ~ 30 minutes by public transport
Historic monument The historic Nikiszowiec, a workers' housing estate erected in 1912, is famous for its unique urban and spatial layout. Definitely worth seeing.

Distance: 50 km, ~ 70 minutes by dedicated coach
The largest amusement park in Poland, with record-setting rollercoasters for height and a lot of attractions. A must-do on the list of places to check off if you love extreme entertainment!

The Silesian Zoo
Distance: about 5.5 km, ~ 30 minutes by public transport
This is the third largest zoo in Poland. Its origins date back to the 1950s . When visiting the Silesian Zoo, you absolutely must visit the Dinosaur Basin. This is the only exhibition of its type in Poland. It consists of life-size models of dinosaurs. For the youngest visitors, there is a Mini Zoo, where they will be able to feed rabbits, goats or sheep on their own.

NEMO AquaPark
Distance: about 5.5 km, ~ 30 minutes by public transport
This is the largest aquapark in Silesia. In addition to numerous slides dedicated to the youngest guests, the park also has swimming pools, saunas, a salt grotto, a gym, and a massage room. There are also restaurants in the aquapark.

Legendia – Silesian Amusement Park
Distance: about 5.5 km, ~ 30 minutes by public transport
The oldest amusement park in Poland and the only one you can reach by tram. If you are looking for relaxed entertainment rather than heart-attack-inducing experiences, Legendia may appeal to you.

The Museum of the People's Republic of Poland (Ruda Śląska, ul. Zajęcza 42)
Distance: about 5.5 km, ~ 30 minutes by public transport
Do you love our hostel and the crazy 80s? Unfortunately, those times were not so colourful here in Poland. In the Museum of the People's Republic of Poland, you can learn about real history and see how Poles lived then.

State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oświęcim
Distance: 40 km, ~ 90 minutes by train
A direct encounter with some of the most terrible pages of history. A former Nazi concentration and extermination camp. You must reserve a space at least 3-4 hours prior to visiting.

Wisła, Szczyrk, Żywiec – Beskidy Mountains
Distance: 80-100 km, ~ 3 hours by train
Do you prefer the outdoors and the beauty of nature to the hustle and bustle of the city? Silesia is also home to the picturesque Beskidy Mountains, beautiful, recreational towns, ski resorts, and mountain hiking trails.

Trail of Technical Monuments
The Trail of Technical Monuments includes attractions throughout Silesia and Zagłębie. From old mines like the Queen Luiza adit to brewery and bread museums and a porcelain factory, you'll find nothing but gems along the trail.

Jump World Katowice
Distance: about 5.5 km, ~ 30 minutes by public transport
Do you like sports and adrenaline? Do you want to spend your free time in a creative way? JumpWorld is the perfect spot for you, your friends and acquaintances, your family! Jump on trampolines and try other attractions!
The facility features a main arena, volleyball zone, basketball zone, sponge pool and much more! Jasna Góra Monastery

Jasna Góra Monastery
Distance: 70 km
The most important place of pilgrimage for Catholics is undoubtedly Jasna Góra with its Sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa located in the Monastery of the Pauline Fathers, whose history dates back to the 13th century. Every year in the summer, countless numbers make pilgrimages here. Famous walking pilgrimages lead, sometimes along very long routes, to this spiritual heart of Poland from all over the country.

The Tyskie Brewing Museum
Distance: about 5.5 km, ~ 50 minutes by public transport
The brewery was founded in the 17th century by the Promnitz family. Not only lovers of the golden drink should go here, although such folks will probably be particularly interested. Especially since the price of a guided tour of the facility includes a beer tasting in a local pub. A tour of the complex is extremely interesting. In addition to buildings related to the production of beer with an old brewhouse with copper-covered vats as the star attraction, you can also see here, among others, a bachelor's house or residential buildings for brewery employees.