Where to party?

Although clubs come and go, the capital of Upper Silesia is home to three large events – Energy 2000, Spiż, and Oranges.

Those who were born in the 80s and 90s will find a lot of interesting clubs along Mariacka Street and in the neighbouring alleys - the centre of nightlife in Katowice.  

And if you don't want to venture that far, in the neighbouring townhouse on ul. 3 Maja you can dance in the Rajzefiber and City Pub (this is the pub that makes noise through the wall on Fridays and Saturdays).

Let’s dance!

Rajzefiber (ul. 3 Maja 23/3)
Distance: 160 meters, 2 minutes on foot
An interesting place on the map of Katowice, dedicated to "slightly older young people". An alternative for those bored with the regular club grind who want to have fun on the dance floor.

City Pub (ul. 3 Maja 23)
Distance: 160 meters, 2 minutes on foot
Two bars, plenty of room to dance and an additional, more private room downstairs. So close, it's a shame not to have a look.

Spiż Katowice (ul. Opolska 22)
Distance: 400 meters, 5 minutes on foot
An already iconic event venue, one of the most modern clubs in Poland. In addition to clubbing, you can also count on a beer from the local brewery.

Energy 2000 (ul. Plebiscytowa 3)
Distance: 900 meters, 12 minutes on foot
One of two Energy 2000 clubs in Poland. The largest dancefloor in Poland and 3 diverse music halls.

Pomarańcza (ul. Mickiewicza 4)
Distance: 500 meters, 6 minutes on foot
3 music halls: club, dance, and cubana with latino music. The club is accessed by a panoramic elevator with a view of the entire city.

Club Garage (ul. Dąbrówki 10)
Distance: 500 meters, 6 minutes on foot
Garage is a music club, billiards club and bowling alley in one place! A modern complex for demanding club members. All three parts have an amazing atmosphere and have been designed with guest comfort in mind. The extensive menu will satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

SiXa (ul. 3 Maja 23/3)
Distance: 160 meters, 2 minutes on foot
Alter Ego RajzefibeR, another world, you've never been in a place like this! Alternative house parties in the centre of Katowice.

Cooler Club & Food (ul. Mariacka 20)
Distance: 1100 meters, 13 minutes on foot
The club is focused on artists from all over the world and the best Polish DJs and musicians. Almost every week sees a world-class event! Musically, depending on the event, the atmosphere will range from the light sounds of house, funky, and even progressive music, to the biggest hits of disco, commercial or RnB.

Bavitto  (pl. Karola Miarki 6)
Distance: 900 meters, 12 minutes on foot
The Lazy Entertainment Arts Club. Great fun in the heart of Katowice on Fridays and Saturdays from 20:00! The club is open to all students, as well as Ladies aged 20+ and Gents aged 23+. Reservations can only be made by Messenger.

Klubo Galeria SARP (ul. Dyrekcyjna 9)
Distance: 700 meters, 8 minutes on foot
If you are looking for a place in Katowice where you can eat well, where there is a wide selection of drinks, and where they play great music, (often also live), we recommend the SARP club gallery.

All of Mariacka Street is the party/pub centre of the city.
This street never sleeps!