Where to go for a beer or a drink?

In Katowice, there are pubs, cocktail bars, breweries and other places where you can sit politely over a drink or just knock back a couple of cold ones.

After leaving Good Times House, you can head in any direction and you will surely find yourself in a pub or bar.

Biała Małpa (ul. 3 Maja 38)
Distance: 140 meters, 2 minutes on foot
170 types of beer, plus a very large space (including a beach!) and the Mexican tavern in the neighbourGood make this place our nearest, favourite brewery.

Cybermachina (ul. św. Jana 10)
Distance: 650 meters, 8 minutes on foot
The largest gamer bar in Poland. Consoles, board games, arcade games (Pac-Man!), beer and other drinks, and even food.


City Pub (ul. 3 Maja 23)
Distance: 230 meters, 3 minutes on foot
City Pub is a special nook in the centre of Katowice, legendary for several generations. Professional service, a wide range of spirits, and a rich menu will surely satisfy everyone's expectations. Try the chef's special. We recommend delicious appetizers, dinner combos, and pizza from their own oven. There is a huge selection of spirits on the bar shelves, which will appeal to even the most refined connoisseurs.

Nessie Whisky Bar (ul. św. Jana 10)
Distance: 500 meters, 6 minutes on foot
Nessie Whisky Bar is an idea that was created in the minds of people looking for unique flavours. Many years of tasting have resulted in a place where, in addition to a wide range of Scottish Whiskies, you can also experience craft alcohols, craft beer, and many diverse and interesting cocktails.

Mariacki Brewery (ul. Mariacka 15)
Distance: 1000 meters, 12 minutes on foot
This private brewhouse produces excellent beer available in three different varieties. It's worth giving each of them a try! Mariacki Brewery has been rebooted in the best style with renovated interiors. In the restaurant, you can try unique dishes prepared according to the chef's unique recipes .

Pub Amnezja (ul. Mariacka 16)
Distance: 1100 meters, 13 minutes on foot
One of the few places in the area serving TYSKIE Z TANKA and Pilsner on tap. Atmospheric décor, good music. At Amnezja, you can forget about everything!

Smugglers Inn Diner  (ul. Mariacka 15)
Distance: 750 meters, 9 minutes on foot
A great place to meet friends. Here you can relax with a tasty drink or a well-deserved glass of wine. The Smugglers Inn Diner is a place where you can enjoy good music in a great atmosphere and start the weekend with a delicious drink.

Upojeni multitap (ul. św. Jana 10)
Distance: 650 meters, 8 minutes on foot
Upojeni, or Intoxicated... with beer, food, happiness :) Craft beer and reliably good food in the very centre of Kato.