Good Times 😄

Good Times - Feel the 80's vibe!

Room capacity
Double beds

Where else would you rather spend your time if not at Good Times House? If you like our hostel, you will definitely also love the private room with an equally private bathroom. Its name is, surprise surprise: Good Times, where the essence of the entire facility has been condensed into one space exclusively for you. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 80s, while guaranteeing yourself a unique and comfortable night on an enlarged double bed, perfect for one or two people.


At your disposal is a fully private bathroom equipped with all the necessary amenities, and if you need to quench your thirst - don't worry, the room comes equipped with coffee/tea brewing set as well. Sit down comfortably, play something nice on a TV and feel the comfort worthy of a king or a queen. 👑

Attractions in the room :

atmospheric light

In addition, in the facility:

  • pinball
  • board games
  • finger pool
  • video game console
  • VHS player
  • common area for relaxing
  • guarded car-park